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Termite Infestation And Termite Control

To control termites and pests, it is best to understand the pattern of their behavior. Termite activity depends on the climate and weather of the site. They are most active during the summer season as they are cold-blooded insects.

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Common Parts of the House Attacked by Termites

Internal parts of the house that is more likely to be eaten by termites are Timber wall and roof framing structures, Timber flooring, Skirting boards, Door jambs, Architraves, Window frames, Roof timbers, and Subfloor bearers and joists. External areas, on the other hand, include Fences, Eave fascia boards, Weatherboards, Trees, Tree stumps, landscaping timbers, Posts, Pergolas, Retaining walls, and Decks.

Termites are active throughout the year, they never stopped searching for food and moisture which is usually found in a home. Brick houses and steel framed homes are not an exception as termites still enter and eat door frames, windows, flooring, and internal wall lining. Termite infestation is messy and is expensive to get rid of, including the repair for their damages.

Termite Control Tips

Be aware of conducive conditions as these provide termites a food source. Conducive conditions are garden against the house, untreated landscaping, water leaks, retaining timbers in the garden, burying fence palings into the ground, and leaving stumps. Avoiding this will surely reduce the likelihood of having a termite infestation.

Do not assume that termites stay at one location. They are moving on through different areas to find a new food source. Even with this activity, it is likely they return to the first location.

Do not disturb the termites as they will move to a concealed area to avoid the light. When you open a damaged area and don’t see live termites, this means that they are only in a different location. Termites do not leave unless treated,

In cases, cover the damaged areas immediately using a dark tape to keep the termites concealed. Call and book an appointment with the professional or qualified termite technician for the treatment. Remember, do not or never spray the termites.

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