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Does The Size Matters?


The size of the man’s penis usually defines his manhood. They worry about the size and the look of it when it is relaxed and much more when it is erect. When they are on their own, they question what they have because they compare it to others especially those that they see in porn movies.

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When is a penis a micropenis? Have you heard of the myth that the shoe size is equal to the size of the penis? Well, that remains a myth because it is not even close to the truth. According to some doctors, the best way to measure the length of the penis is when it is flaccid and stretched. An erect penis is not reliable to measure because of several factors. SPL or the stretched penis length is the best way to measure the length. On average, the normal length of a penis is from 5.2 inches to 6.8 inches. Anything over it is a large penis and anything below it is a micropenis.


What causes micropenis is usually from the low level of testosterone in the body. If found in the early stage of life, testosterone hormone is given to alleviate the deficiency, however, if found in an adult, sad to say that there is nothing much to do with micropenis but with a penile prosthesis.

Men with micropenis are referred to psychiatrist and psychologist because it is usually co-related with body dysmorphic disorder. This disorder is described as a mental disorder where one perceives that his or her body has flaws and imperfections. They are ashamed of their body and anxious of what and how others see them. Because of which they have the tendency to shop for doctors that can address to the desired look.A

If still not satisfied with the size of your penis, do not just rely on everything that you see on the internet. There are sites that can add more to your worries and there are those that are manned by professionals making it more reliable. The Male Enhancement Center, whose website is is a clinic with a specialty on man’s reproductive and urological health. The group of medical professionals is headed by Dr. James Elist, a renowned surgeon and urologist. They are the best in what they do because they have been catering to the needs of men for more than 40 years.  Nothing but praises is given by their satisfied clients.

To sum everything all, the size of the penis does not make it abnormal, what is abnormal is how you perceive it to be.