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Coastwide Service Centre Offers Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Coastwide was established in the year 2013 and have grown quickly since then. It is a mobile-based business that offers service and repairs with art. They use the latest technologies and equipment available for the vehicle service.

The center operates from Mondays to Fridays. They start at 8 in the morning and closes at 5 in the afternoon. They are closed during weekends.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Service

Coastwide Vehicle Inspection Centre offers a pre-purchase vehicle inspection that will only cost you $99 instead of the usual market price of $250. They assure to give a long detailed report regarding paint condition, seat trim condition, hidden issues, problem, previous smash repairs and other mechanical repairs you will need in the future. They provide an unbiased opinion and facts of the vehicle, and in addition, they will list down common issues of the vehicle so you will have the complete information of the chosen vehicle.

Spotting Motor Mechanics Rip-Off

  1. Be wary of mechanics that will often scare you and give you the idea that the vehicle should have a scheduled maintenance. Most of them recommend extra and unnecessary procedures that may omit procedures your vehicle really needs.
  2. Compare services of different service centers. There are centers that put an additional 20-30% for the service charges. You may search online or use the Consumer Reports Car Repair Estimator tool before availing the services.
  3. The parts-replacer mechanic. There are mechanics who will rebuild your car because he can’t diagnose the problem. Make sure to ask justification of the initial repair before agreeing to change your parts.
  4. There are mechanics who make mistakes or used a poor-quality or makeshift pats instead of proper ones. It is advisable to call other shops to seek advice or to search the web. On the internet, there are many groups who are may be of help.
  5. A mechanic should be able to give you detailed information regarding the problems in your car. A bad explanation could be a sign that the mechanic is not skilled enough to not be able to explain to you using layman's terms.
  6. When doing replacement of parts, the mechanic should always provide or show you the old parts and explain the problems. It is suspicious when the mechanic cannot show you the old parts. It is possible that he is lying or did not replace the parts and just billed you for nothing.