The 9th International Conference on Persuasive Technology


Fabio Aiolli, Matteo Ciman, Michele Donini and Ombretta Gaggi

A Seriuos Game to persuade people to use stairs

Nurcan Alkış and Tuğba Taşkaya Temizel
How to persuade students for active participation in course activities?: A qualitative study

Tuomas Alahäivälä, Michael Oduor and Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
About Software Design Patterns for Persuasive Human-Computer Dialogue

Efthimios Bothos, Sebastian Prost, Johann Schrammel, Kathrin Röderer and Gregoris Mentzas
Watch your Emissions: Persuasive Strategies and Choice Architecture for Sustainable Decisions in Urban Mobility

Rachel Burrows, Hilary Johnson and Peter Johnson
Developing an Online Social Media System to Influence Pro-environmental behaviour based on User Values

Virginio Cantoni, Mauro Mosconi and Marco Porta
Improving E-Learning Persuasivness through Eye-Tracking. An Experimental Study in Progress

Johannes de Boer, Wouter Teeuw and Dirk Heylen
Let’s Use the Other Door

Paulo Fontes, Ana Carina Figueiredo, João Paulo Vilas-Boas and José Azevedo
Science to the people: guerrilla marketing and digital media public experiences for science communication.

Iman Khaghanifar, Francisco Ibbara, Marcos Baez and Fabio Casati
Virtual Social Gym: A Persuasive Training Platform for Independently Living Seniors

Antonio Lieto and Fabiana Vernero
Persuasion in mobile apps and logical fallacies: A preliminary study

Christine Mekhail, Leah Zhang-Kennedy and Sonia Chiasson
Visualizations to Teach about Mobile Online Privacy

Michael Oduor and Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
About Facebook, Twitter, Yammer and FourSquare for Committing Social Web Users

Rita Orji, Regan Mandryk and Julita Vassileva
Gender and Persuasive Technology: Examining the Persuasiveness of Persuasive Strategies by Gender Groups

Cristhian Parra, Cristina Matteotti, Vincenzo D’Andrea, Tao Peng, Aleksey Kashytsa and Davide Martintoni
AllenaVita: Motivating lifestyle improvement in a telemedicine scenario

Katie Pickering, Andy Pringle and Jim McKenna
The Internet, Apps and Physical Activity: A Faceless Approach to Behavior Change

Valentina Rao
Reframing Persuasive Games as Behavior Change Support Systems: a Theoretical Model

Valentina Rao, Wendy Van Ecke
Just Thoughts – Counteract Intrusive Thoughts with Mindfulness Through Mobile Persuasive Technology (this poster also has a demo)

Margot Stilma, Johannes Boer, de, Pim Lemmens and Teunis Beldman
The Motivational Safety Helmet

Rogier van Eijk
Towards a Formal Language for Modeling Health Behavior Change

John Paul Vargheese
Evaluating perceived effectiveness of persuasive strategies for encouraging social interaction


Johannes de Boer, Alejandra Victoria, Anika Boelhouwer, Daniël Wewerinke, Galina Petrova, Marco Rothering, Lindy Damen, Max Klosterman, Rafael Bressan, Rosana Herrera, and Zachary Ruan
Construction Site Chaos

Christian Grund Sørensen
Immersive Layers Design – Interface Design Using Kairos

Valentina Rao, Wendy Van Ecke
Just Thoughts – Counteract Intrusive Thoughts with Mindfulness Through Mobile Persuasive Technology