The 9th International Conference on Persuasive Technology

Oral presentations

Covert Persuasive Technologies: Bringing Subliminal Cues to Human-Computer Interaction
Oswald Barral, Gabor Aranyi, Sid Kouider, Alan Lindsay, Hielke Prins, Imtiaj Ahmed, Giulio Jacucci, Paolo Negri, Luciano Gamberini, David Pizzi, Marc Cavazza

Designing a mobile persuasive application to encourage reduction of users’ exposure to cell phone RF emissions
Stefano Burigat and Luca Chittaro

What’s Your 2%? A Pilot Study for Encouraging Physical Activity Using Persuasive Video and Social Media
Drew Clinkenbeard, Jennifer Clinkenbeard, Guillaume Faddoul, Heejung Kang, Sean Mayes, Alp Toygar, Samir Chatterjee

The Effect of Credibility of Host Site Upon Click Rate Through Sponsored Content
Martin Colbert, Adam Oliver, Eleni Oikonomou

Informing Design of Suggestion and Self-Monitoring Tools through Participatory Experience Prototypes
Nediyana Daskalova, Nathalie Ford, Ann Hu, Kyle Moorehead, Ben Wagnon, Janet Davis

Persuasion in the wild: Communication, technology, and event safety
Peter de Vries, Mirjam Galetzka, Jan Gutteling

Sentiment Variations in Text for Persuasion Technology
Lorenzo Gatti, Marco Guerini, Oliviero Stock, Carlo Strapparava

Do Persuasive Technologies Persuade? – A review of empirical studies
Juho Hamari, Jonna Koivisto, Tuomas Pakkanen

Credibility and Interactivity: Persuasive Components of Ideological Group Websites
Genevieve Johnson, William Taylor, Alisha Ness, Michael Ault, Norah Dunbar, Matthew Jensen, Shane Connelly

Wicked Persuasion: A designerly approach
Bran Knowles, Paul Coulton, Mark Lochrie, Jon Whittle

Managing Depression through a Behavior Change Support System without Face-to-Face Therapy
Sitwat Langrrial, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, Päivi Lappalainen, Raimo

Using ambient lighting in persuasive communication: The role of pre-existing color association
Shengnan Lu, Jaap Ham, Cees J.H. Midden

‘This is your life!’ The design of a positive psychology intervention using metaphor to motivate
Geke D. S. Ludden, Saskia M. Kelders, Bas H.J. Snippert

Investigating the influence of social exclusion on persuasion by a virtual agent
Peter A. M. Ruijten, Jaap Ham, Cees J. H. Midden

An Empirical Comparison of Variations of a Virtual Representation of an Individual’s Health
Andreas Schmeil and L. Suzanne Suggs

Using Social Influence for Motivating Customers to Generate and Share Feedback
Agnis Stibe and Harri Oinas-Kukkonen

Analyzing Non-Textual Arguments with Toulmin
Kristian Torning

Embodied Persuasion: Visual-spatial dimensions of meaning portrayal in visual and interactive media
Thomas Van Rompay

Persuasion in the Car: Probing Potentials
David Wilfinger, Magdalena Gärtner, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi

SubRosa: Supporting a Proper Learning Atmosphere through Subtle Cues with Immediate Feedback
Paweł Woźniak, Bartosz Koczorowicz, Morten Fjeld, Andrzej Romanowski

Systematic Review of Behavioral Obesity Interventions and Their Persuasive Qualities
Anna Xu, Taridzo Chomutare, Sriram Iyengar

Stop clicking on “update later”: Persuading users they need up-to-date antivirus protection
Leah Zhang-Kennedy, Sonia Chiasson, Robert Biddle


PERSUASIVE 2014 Special theme: ‘Persuasive, motivating, empowering videogames’

Opportunities for Persuasive Technology to Motivate Heavy Computer Users for Stretching Exercise
Yong-Xiang Chen, Siek-Siang Chiang, Shu-Yun Chih, Wen-Ching Liao, Shih-Yao Lin, Shang-Hua Yang, Shun-Wen Cheng, Shih-Sung Lin, Yu-Shan Lin, Ming-Sui Lee, Jau-Yih Tsauo, Cheng-Min Jen, Chia-Shiang Shih, King-Jen Chang, Yi-Ping Hung

Changing User’s Safety Locus of Control through Persuasive Play: an Application to Aviation Safet
Luca Chittaro

Mitigating Cognitive Bias Through the Use of Serious Games: Effects of Feedback
Norah E. Dunbar, Matthew L. Jensen, Claude H. Miller, Elena Bessarabova, Sara Straub, Scott N. Wilson, Javier Elizondo, Judee K. Burgoon, Joseph S. Valacich, Bradley Adame, Yu-Hao Lee, Brianna Lane, Cameron Piercy, David Wilson, Shawn King, Cindy Vincent, Ryan Schuetzler

Embedded Disruption: Facilitating Responsible Gambling with Persuasive Systems Design
Kristen Warren, Avi Parush, Michael Wohl, Andrew Kim

(Re)Defining Gamification: A Process Approach
Kevin Werbach