The 9th International Conference on Persuasive Technology

Presenters’ info


Oral presentations will last 20 minutes for long papers and 10 minutes for short papers. Questions to presenters will be grouped at the end of each session. Conference rooms are endowed with standard presentation equipment, i.e., laptop, beamer, microphone. Please save your presentation material in a folder on a USB stick and transfer it to the conference laptop before your sessions starts. If you prefer to use your own laptop, please remember to bring an adapter.
Please remember to include in your presentation folder also any multimedia material linked in your presentation or the link will risk to be dead. Finally, it is always wise not to rely on material available through the Internet but to have everything locally available for the presentation in your presentation folder.


Poster session will take place during a dedicated  session on 21st May 2014. During that session, the poster contact author is expected to stand next to the poster to provide explanations.

Recommended size for the poster is 70 x 100 cm, portrait orientation. Consider also printing some miniatures to hand out to interested attendees during poster session, along with your businnes card.

In addition to the poster session, posters are also briefly orally presented during the madness session. Poster presenters are asked to prepare a 2-slide presentation. We’ll collate these presentations into one sole slideshow comprising them all; your slides will be programmed to be shown for 30 seconds overall. Here you can find the template.


DC presentations can refer to the guidelines for oral presentations above, except that their presentation must contain – in addition to their planned content – also the items included in the abstract, i.e. background, research plan, advancement state, and collaborators (e.g., tutor and funding body). DC presentations will last about 15 minutes.

Demo presenters just need to bring their working demo and the hardware on which it runs (laptop, mobile phone, …). No poster is needed. They can handle out some dissemination material if they like so.